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Personalized Wedding Ceremonies Performed by Rev. Marcia McGuiness
Elements of a Wedding Ceremony

The following is an outline of the flow of a typical wedding ceremony. Any of these elements can be personalized to create your nuptials special and distinctive:

• Introduction and/or Greeting:

The officiant greets the guests and calls to attention the solemn nature of marriage, and asks all assembled to respect the union of the couple's marriage.

• Presentation of the Bride/Groom:

The officiant asks the person(s) giving away an individual or couple to do so.

• Address:

The officiant’s statements to the couple and guests of the meaning of the commitment of marriage.

• Declaration of Consent/Intent:

The so-called “I do’s” whereby both partners assert that they enter into the marriage by their own volition.

• Invocation or Opening Prayer:

God or our Higher Power is invoked by the officiant to witness
the ceremony and bless the union.

• Vows:

The cornerstone of the ceremony in which the couple address each other and promise to fulfill their roles as each others spouse.

• Ring Exchange:

The traditional act of exchanging wedding rings, meant to symbolize the couple's eternal union as married partners.

• Charge to the Couple & Pronouncement of Marriage:

Wherein the officiant reiterates the couple's commitment before the witnesses and pronounces them joined in matrimony.

• The Kiss

This needs no explanation!

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