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Unique Ceremony Ideas

Make your wedding ceremony unique by incorporating extra elements such as music, poetry, verses, candles, flowers, and family members!


Music,  Poetry, and Verses

Special dedications can be incorporated into your wedding ceremony by playing a special song, or having a musician or singer perform music that reflects the love and beauty of your day. You can also read or have someone read a scripture, or recite a verse or poem that has special meaning and significance to you.

Unity Candles

The lighting of a central, single candle from individually held lighted candles represents your lives being joined together in a lovely, visual demonstration during your wedding ceremony. It is best achieved in an indoor wedding, or in a location free of drafts.

Rose Ceremony

This is a meaningful addition to any marriage ceremony that is also inspiring for your guests. A single rose conveys the essence of “I Love You”, and can be your first gift to each other as an outward demonstration of your love. The wedding party or family members may also bring a single rose to lay at an alter. Red roses traditionally signify “Love” and white roses communicate “Purity”, but any color is just fine!

Hand Fasting Ceremony

There is an old Celtic tradition where the betrothed's hands are tied together in the form of the 'infinity' symbol during their wedding vows, which conveys eternity and warmth of heart. It is a wonderful way to signify the bringing together of your two hearts in an infinite marriage of unity and strength.

Sand Ceremony

A colorful way to make a lifetime memento of your wedding is to fill a clear glass vessel with layers of colored sand. The wedding party or children individually carries a small bag of colored sand, and each fills the vessel in layers. No two of these come out the same, making yours a unique decorator item.

Involving Children & Family

With today's blended families, integrating your children into your marriage is especially meaningful. You may involve them by incorporating them into your wedding ceremony by having them “give away the bride”, or walk the individual betrothed forward to take their vows, or by having vows to your children. They can be included during the lighting of the Unity Candle (kids are fascinated by candles) to signify the joining of individuals as a family, the Sand Ceremony, or even by giving each one a single rose if you chose to have the Rose Ceremony as part of your wedding.

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