Marriages by Marcia
Personalized Wedding Ceremonies Performed by Rev. Marcia McGuiness

You have decided to get married! Making the
commitment to share your lives together in the
covenant of marriage is a big decision, and you most
likely did not make this choice without careful
consideration and planning.  Now, with the same kind of
consideration, you will be planning your Wedding Day!
This is a once in a lifetime event, and you will want it to
reflect your dream with your own unique style.

The most important component of your wedding will be
the ceremony itself, and whether you chose it to be
simple or elaborate, traditional or more contemporary,
religious or non-religious, or a combination of different
styles, you will want your wedding nuptials to convey
something that is truly special and meaningful to both of
you; something that will be remembered and cherished

Reverend Marcia will work with you to create a wedding
ceremony that is as unique as you are... after all, it is
your once in a lifetime day!

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